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Minneapolis is the largest city in the state of Minnesota. It lies on the banks of both the Mississippi River and the Minnesota River and is known as “The City of the Lakes.” There are dozens of lakes, rivers and wetlands in Minneapolis, and the city combines lush, outdoor life with the vibrancy of a thriving metropolis. In 2010, the population was estimated at over 380,000. The city’s theater district is the third largest in the country (behind New York and Chicago), and many participants of the city are actively involved in an outdoor lifestyle, whether that involves exploring the natural surroundings or running the Twin Cities Marathon. Minneapolis has much to offer its residents and is a great place for young professionals as well as families.

As with any city, Minneapolis residents face an ongoing drug and alcohol abuse problem in their city. The active nightlife of Minneapolis means there is more potential for recreational alcohol use that eventually turns into addiction. Minneapolis residents need reliable treatment facilities that they can turn to when faced with this type of crisis.

What Happens to Minneapolis Addicts During Alcohol Treatment?

While alcoholism treatment varies between facilities, most programs incorporate three main components into their rehab structure. These components are:

  • Alcohol Detox. When a person stops using alcohol, they are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms that can range anywhere from headaches and vomiting to anxiety and depression. Many alcoholics will avoid treatment or continue to drink because they are afraid to experience withdrawal. During detox, patients undergo withdrawal while being carefully monitored by medical professionals. Doctors and nurses are available to help patients manage their withdrawal symptoms and ensure their safety.
  • Alcohol Rehab Counseling. Most patients will spend the majority of their time in rehab undergoing counseling. During this portion of treatment, patients undergo both group and individual therapy sessions. The purpose is to help patients understand the foundation for their alcoholism and develop behaviors that will help them avoid alcohol in the future.
  • Aftercare. Patients will begin discussing aftercare during the counseling portion of treatment. Aftercare programs help patients transition from rehab back into their everyday lives. Aftercare options can range anywhere from a sober living facility to a weekly support group. The type of aftercare a patient chooses will depend entirely on their personality and their addiction.

How Long Does Alcohol Rehab Take?

The amount of time a person will spend in rehab depends entirely on the individual. People with more severe addictions may require many months of treatment while others might only need a few weeks. On average, patients spend between one and two months in rehab.

Getting Help for Minneapolis Alcoholics

If you or someone you love in the Minneapolis area is struggling with alcoholism, please call our toll-free number and discuss your treatment options.

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