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How to Help a Family Member with Addiction

How to Help a Family Member with AddictionThe first and most important rule to helping a family member with the addiction is to not panic. Stay calm and carefully plan how the family will address the addiction, what the interveners will say and how they will say it. Support is the best thing a Minneapolis family can give to addicted loved one, and well-considered words will assist in preventing panic and ill communication. If the family member with an addiction has not come forward with his or her addiction or is in denial of a problem, an intervention may be necessary.

How to Hold an Addiction Intervention in Minneapolis

Interventions can be positive and life-saving for addicted Minneapolis residents. Done incorrectly, they can drive the loved one further into addiction. Maintaining open communication during an intervention is important. The following is a list of the positive actions within the dialogue of an intervention:

  • Give support
  • Offer sympathy
  • Find middle ground
  • Give aid
  • Find professional advice
  • Speak with or read up on others in rehab

The following are negative intervention actions:

  • Blaming
  • Give in (i.e. letting the loved one continue his or her addiction)
  • Scolding
  • Pitying
  • Giving cash, checks or supplying bank accounts
  • Controlling or making demands
  • Judging

How Will Addicted Family Members React to an Intervention?

If an intervention is needed, family members with an addiction may not have admitted to themselves that they have an addiction. The addicted individual may have the following reactions:

  • They refuse to admit they are addicted
  • They refuse to change their habits
  • They fear what admitting to addiction may lead to
  • Embarrassment
  • Awkwardness

If these reactions occur, don’t lose hope. Continue to follow the plan of the intervention and remain positive.

What Minneapolis Residents Should Do after an Addiction Intervention

Have a rehab option available before starting the intervention process. Waiting until after an intervention to find recovery resources is not a good idea. Once the family member with the addiction has agreed that he or she needs help, it is vital that this motivation to change is immediately supported and followed up. Waiting can result in the addicted Minneapolis resident losing confidence in his or her ability to be helped or interest in ending drug or alcohol use.

What Are Other Ways a Minneapolis Family Can Help Addicted Loved Ones?

The family member with an addiction should be reminded often that he or she is loved and supported. If the family member admits to an addiction problem, support and assistance should be immediately given. At no point should the family member be made to feel ashamed for the addiction, as he or she already feels shame for the addiction.

Find Help for a Family Member with Addiction

Families and family members with addiction can find assistance by calling our toll-free helpline. We are here to help Minneapolis residents 24 hours a day. We can help you find professional rehab centers that will meet your family member’s needs, connect you with professional interventionists or work with you personally if you have an addiction. Pick up the phone and get help now.

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